“This evening, a firecracker went off. I grabbed the Anxiety Wrap and put it on Sarah. Within moments she stopped shaking.” Sarah's handler & friend, Ohio “I have taken Finley in the car for 2-3 rides and he hasn't got sick once.” Bruce Berger, USA “We had a GREAT night last night even with all the lightning and thunder...slept right through! As far as I'm concerned your product is a miracle!!!” Robin Mapps, Columbia City, IN “There he was, sleeping peacefully through the storm, snugged in his Anxiety Wrap!” Debbie Kapp, Beasley, FL “At last here is an easy-to-use and completely safe solution!” Louise Marshall, Moorestown, NJ and Brandon, VT “Rylea has been doing. She is a totally different dog!!! She is so much calmer and thunder storms don't seem to bother her anymore,” Candida, International There are a few products on the market that are designed to help reduce arousal.[They]include various forms of body wraps including the Anxiety Wrap...Dr. Lore I. Haug, CABC, CPDT, DACVB, MS “They also are helpful in dogs that are epileptic as it seems to decrease the number and severity of seizures. “ Dr. Hugh S. Glidewell, Ft. Wayne, IN “...as soon as I put it on him he lay down and had the deepest, most restful sleep I had seen him have since he was rescued. He went absolutely limp, and snored!” Pamela Grandstaff, Virginia Beach, VA “Thanks so much for the Anxiety Wrap. I will be taking it along with me and introduce it to Japan!” Carolyn Scott - Free Style, USA Included at the American Veterinary Medical Convention as a “new treatment for thunderstorm fear” by Dr. Barbara Simpson PhD, DVM, Dipl. ACVB, of The Vet Behavior Clinic, Southern Pines, NC “The Face Wrap, made by Anxiety Wrap, is the best training aid out there.” Sarah Story, Puppy, Dog, and Agility Class Instructor Named a “Fear Buster” in the Humane Society of United States “All Animals” Magazine. May 2010 Anxiety Wrap was 89% effective in a clinical research study at Tufts University by Nicole Cottam and Dr. Nicholas Dodman. "He now easily jumps out of the car dressed in his Anxiety Wrap and ... he breezes through exams, shots and even X-rays." Alison Berryman, M.Ed., OTR/L, MA “It worked on the thunderstorm fear and the separation anxiety! I have never seen such a product!” Mary Beth Zoretic, North Carolina "She is so calm..and relaxed!! I have never seen anything like it! This is the best money I have ever spent!! Unbelievable results in just a short time!" Nancy, USA Featured on Animal Planet's "It's Me or The Dog" with Victoria Stillwell. Episode 113, "Weathering The Storm" "I'm interested in a new physical treatment, called an Anxiety Wrap, that was developed by a dog trainer named Susan Sharpe..." Dr. Temple Grandin, Animals Make Us Human, pg 54 “When she wears your Wrap, she is calmer, and more focused.” Janet Trauger, USA “I highly recommend the Wrap for any pets that need to chill out from any type of fear or anxiety problem.” Diana Hayes, DIHom, Dip Vet Homepathy, Holistic Animal Pract, VP and Nat'l Publicity Officer, Holistic Animal Therapy Assoc of Australia “I would recommend the Anxiety Wrap to anyone with a thunderstorm phobia dog.” Barbara Taylor, Michigan, Siberian Husky Rescue "I was amazed at the immediate calming effect...I recommend it and will continue to recommend it to clients with anxious dogs." Cindy Ludwig, RN, BS, MA, KPA-CTP, Owner/Manager, Canine Connection LLC “I have recommended the Anxiety Wrap with much success..." Dr. Meghan E. Herron, DVM, DACVB Behavioral Med. Clinic, Dept of Vet Clinical Sciences, The Ohio State Univ “She can even concentrate on her agility training during a storm when she wears her Wrap.” Jane Hayne, Indiana “I put it on him, he starts to settle down, and in a few minutes goes fast asleep.” Julia Henriques, Chicago, IL “…the Anxiety Wrap seemed to take the edge off his high energy, making it much easier for him to concentrate and learn...” Dani, Albuquerque, NM, dog trainer and behavior consultant Face Wrap – Thumbs and Paws Up! I have to report that it worked like a dream with Pip...There was a definite difference when she had it on – she was calm and laid down. Barb Gadola, CPDT-KA, Distinctive Dog Training, LLC “Do you realize that this is the FIRST AND ONLY product that has worked with Tag EVER? I am just delighted!” Jane Woolrich, UK “We've used the Anxiety Wrap for working with fear-based aggressive dogs, achieving both focus and calmness.” Mary Guy, Tomar Kennels & Trainer, Fife Lake, MI “I used the wrap on my thunderphobic boy...and instead of crawling up my legs on the walk, he walked next to me...even though it was thundering.” Debi Davis, Trainer, Service Dog Of The Year “If your dog loses it during thunderstorms….the Anxiety Wrap might help.” Dog Fancy, Dec 2002 You have EXCELLENT customer service! Christy, Mt. Washington, Kentucky “The Anxiety Wrap allowed him to stop all meds.” Sandi, Basalt, CO “The wrap is great because it doesn’t restrict activity in any way, it’s easy to put on, and it works. I strongly recommend it without reservation to anyone who has a dog that is afraid of thunder.” Jay and Blou, NY “The Anxiety Wrap has been the ONLY thing that has helped our dog.” Claudia Pujol, USA “Within 30 seconds she was lying quietly on the floor, no longer pacing or panting.” Karla McCoy, Veterinary Technician, East Peoria, IL "The Anxiety Wrap had not been on his body for 5 min when Scooby Doo was a changed man and I was a true believer!" Tracie Hotchner, pet expert, THE DOG BIBLE author, radio host "A safe and effective treatment for canine thunderstorm phobia" Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine “The anxiety ……is now under control and the displaced aggression is almost gone, I strongly recommend the Anxiety Wrap to my clients.” Daina Beckman, Happy Tails Dog Behavior & Training “The Anxiety Wrap gave us amazing and almost immediate excellent results” Dr. Lyda Long, Oklahoma City, Whole Dog Journal, Dec 2002 “It’s a Wrap” by CJ Puotinen “...pressure [from The Anxiety Wrap] tends to help them relax. It helps during thunderstorms and stressful times of the year. It’s really great.” Andrea Arden, The Today Show “The Anxiety Wrap helps many dogs fearful of sounds and noises of all kinds.” Mary Ann Miskinis, Pet Sitter/Clicker/Third Way Trainer, TTouch Practitioner, Energy Tuner BS in Education, Kewanee, IL “Our veterinarians have started recommending it citing our success.” Sue, USA "We have been very impressed.....We recommend it highly!" Dr. Barbara Fougere, BScBVMS (Hons), BHSc (Comp. Med.), MHSc (Herb med.), MODT CVA CVCP CVBM, Australia
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