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Anxiety Wrap Blog

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    Anxiety Wrap Website stocks new product

    Our Anxiety Wrap Website has had a bit of a make-over recently and now sells the Quiet Dog face wrap as well as the NEW Anxiety Wrap! The new version of the Anxiety Wrap features a soft, breathable, stretchy material, ensuring your dog is gentle wrap around their body, as well as patented leg straps, which apply gentle pressure around

  • Using the Anxiety Wrap to help with Car Travel Anxiety

    CAR TRAVEL ANXIETY AND THE SYMPTOMS If you have ever driven with your anxious dog, you know only too well how hard that journey can be and how uncomfortable it can be for your dog. Some dogs travel really well while others really don’t. This is the unfortunate truth. If you do have a dog who is an anxious traveller

  • Using the Anxiety Wrap to treat Thunderstorm fear

    The summer is not too far away when you think about it and the way time is ticking it will be with us even faster. The Summer is a great time of year to play with your dogs and really enjoy their company, however there is one drawback – thunderstorms!  WHY IS IT THAT DOGS ARE ACTUALLY AFRAID OF THUNDERSTORMS


    FIRST OF ALL – WHAT IS SEPARATION ANXIETY? As dog owners we know that one particularly tough part of the day is the time you have to leave your dog, either for a few minutes or for the day. Some owners have a real issue with their dog suffering from anxiety and it is a very real issue that people

  • Do you have an anxious dog? We can help!

    If you are reading this blog no doubt you have an anxious dog or you know someone who does. It is not pleasant and we can feel helpless as owners and carers. The good news is help is here! Introducing the Anxiety Wrap! You may have tried other wraps in the past (there are now a few on the market) however