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Anxiety Wrap Blog

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    I have an Anxious dog – What should I do?

    Having an anxious dog can be the difference between really enjoying your dog (and your life) and not. The hardest part is that your dog really doesn’t know any better. There are certain triggers, such as noise or thunder, which will make them anxious and in turn act in an antisocial way, such as barking loud or destroying the furniture.

  • Don’t let an Anxious Dog spoil your Holiday Season

    Tis the season to be Jolly… but sometimes, as dog owners, we can find ourselves struggling with dogs barking, feeling anxious and misbehaving over the Holidays. With new smells, lots of people, noises and lights it can be a really anxious time of year for your dog, resulting in a dog that barks more, behaves anti-socially or shows signs of


    The Original Anxiety Wrap® provides both function and comfort. Available in a size sure to fit your dog comfortably, calming your dog has never been easier – All this at a price of just $20.99! PLUS you will receive a FREE bag of Coachies Training Treats, by the Company of Animals.  The Anxiety Wrap® uses acupressure and gentle, constant, maintained pressure to relieve

  • Say goodbye to your Dogs Anxiety!

    If you have a dog who barks when you leave or destroys the house when you are gone, the chances are you have a dog that is suffering from anxiety. While anxiety is distressing for both you and your dog it is not the only symptom which can cause these behaviors in your dog. Other stresses include, fear, anxiety, thunderstorm

  • The Original Anxiety Wrap VS. Competitors

    If you are reading this blog you are likely to either have a dog who is anxious or you are curious to find out the differences between our Anxiety Wrap and other competitors out there in the marketplace. You already likely know about other competitors out there and it can all get a bit confusing. What this blog aims to do

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