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Our Anxiety Wrap Website has had a bit of a make-over recently and now sells the Quiet Dog face wrap as well as the NEW Anxiety Wrap! The new version of the Anxiety Wrap features a soft, breathable, stretchy material, ensuring your dog is gentle wrap around their body, as well as patented leg straps, which apply gentle pressure around your dogs hind legs, helping to keep them calm. The new wrap comes in a choice of 7 sizes, from Toy to X Large (see graph below).

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What is Anxiety Wrap®?

The Anxiety Wrap® mainly alleviates or lessens five major conditions; fear, anxiety, hyperactivity, insecurity, and shyness. These conditions are the root of many unwanted behaviors in dogs.

Created in 2001, Anxiety Wrap® was the first of its kind on the market and invented the category of pressure wraps.

Because The Anxiety Wrap® can alleviate or lessen the basic core condition, it can also end core by-product behaviors such as:

  • Thunderstorm fear
  • Fireworks fear
  • Separation anxiety
  • Noise phobias
  • Nervousness
  • Fear of other people
  • Travel anxiety
  • Many more…

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Toy 26-32cm 10-12.5″
XX Small 30-42cm 12-16.5″
X Small 36-48cm 14-19″
Small 42-54cm 16.5-21″
Medium 50-66cm 19.5-26″
Large 64-88cm 25.5-34.5″
X Large 82-100cm 32-39.5″


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