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Do you have an anxious dog? We can help!

If you are reading this blog no doubt you have an anxious dog or you know someone who does. It is not pleasant and we can feel helpless as owners and carers. The good news is help is here!

Introducing the Anxiety Wrap! You may have tried other wraps in the past (there are now a few on the market) however this one has fantastic patented leg straps which don’t just hold the wrap in place like other wrap do but it also applies gentle pressure to acupressure points on your dogs hind legs. The wrap is also breathable, soft, comfortable and comes in the perfect size for your dog – with lots of sizes to choose from.

Dr Roger Mugford’s team over at the Company of Animals have been kind enough to give a FREE bag of their premium Training treat, ‘Coachies’. Order your Anxiety Wrap today and get your free bag of treats.

Anxiety Wrap Toy Plus550


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