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Don’t let an Anxious Dog spoil your Holiday Season

Big dog

Tis the season to be Jolly… but sometimes, as dog owners, we can find ourselves struggling with dogs barking, feeling anxious and misbehaving over the Holidays. With new smells, lots of people, noises and lights it can be a really anxious time of year for your dog, resulting in a dog that barks more, behaves anti-socially or shows signs of aggression.

The good news is we have just the thing you need to help your dog feel more comfortable and less anxious this Holiday – The Anxiety Wrap® and the best part is it is cost effective and really works!

So how does the Anxiety Wrap® work?

The Anxiety Wrap® uses acupressure and gentle, constant, maintained pressure to relieve stress and end or lessen fears in dogs. Created in 2001, it was the first of its kind on the market and invented the category of pressure wraps.
The Anxiety Wrap® mainly alleviates or lessens five major conditions; fear, anxiety, hyperactivity, insecurity, and shyness. These conditions are the root of many unwanted behaviors in dogs.

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