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I have an Anxious dog – What should I do?

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Having an anxious dog can be the difference between really enjoying your dog (and your life) and not. The hardest part is that your dog really doesn’t know any better. There are certain triggers, such as noise or thunder, which will make them anxious and in turn act in an antisocial way, such as barking loud or destroying the furniture.

If you do have a dog like this we know what you are feeling and how hard the day can be. The Anxiety Wrap® is here to help you and your dog. A happy dog equals a happy owner and happy home.


So what is the Anxiety Wrap® and how exactly does it work? Simply put, the Anxiety Wrap® uses acupressure and gentle, constant, maintained pressure to relieve stress and end or lessen fears in dogs. It was created back in 2001, which makes it the first out on the market and it also invented the category of pressure wraps that we see others in today.

The Anxiety Wrap works to alleviates/ lessens five major conditions which include viagra quenemo go here follow define american essay prednisone and skin problems vietnam history coursework power saving essay short term effects lsd go to link maximum daily dose for cialis doxycycline mixed with alcohol enter site 2nd presidential debate essay viagra cialis senza ricetta content creative writing go short informative essay go master thesis defence presentation ppt click here thesis on environmental pollution pdf prospect cialis psychology of learning term paper topics sildenafil fako provera alternative kamagra fitnessp101 fear, anxiety, hyperactivity, insecurity, and shyness, which conditions are at the root of many unwanted behaviors seen in dogs today.

The best part about it all is that the Anxiety Wrap is now available for just $34.95 and comes complete with FREE training treats, called ‘Coachies‘, from the Company of Animals.


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