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Say goodbye to your Dogs Anxiety!

Anxiety Wrap only copyIf you have a dog who barks when you leave or destroys the house when you are gone, the chances are you have a dog that is suffering from anxiety.

While anxiety is distressing for both you and your dog it is not the only symptom which can cause these behaviors in your dog. Other stresses include, fear, anxiety, thunderstorm fear, travel anxiety, fear of others, fear of noise and nervousness to name a few.

If your dog is suffering from any of the above it would be worthwhile invest just $34.95 in an Original Anxiety Wrap. These brilliant wraps work in two ways:

1) through maintained pressure

2) through pressure applied to acupressure points in the neck, chest, shoulders, belly, mid-section and rear legs (which straps are patented).

The Anxiety Wrap has rear leg straps that create rear-end awareness to target pressure points in the hindquarters where dogs often hold tension. The straps are adjustable and removable.

The Anxiety Wrap is made of a stretchy, thin, breathable fabric. It contains elasticized elements which apply pressure to acupressure points and allow the fit to be customized to each individual dog. Velcro closures are located on the aspect of the garment that lies over the dog’s back.

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