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The Original Anxiety Wrap VS. Competitors

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If you are reading this blog you are likely to either have a dog who is anxious or you are curious to find out the differences between our  signposting thesis follow link go site thesis title using biometrics simple essays in english enter authentic cialis canada the heart of the matter by graham greene essays best mba scholarship essay example enter site 50 mg viagra dose source site buy generic zithromax without prescription free help with essay report comparative essay world development best expository essay writers websites for college cymbalta tapering off passiert wenn ne frau viagra nimmt cialis burgaw apa psychology internship essays cialis obbligatoria ricetta Anxiety Wrap and other competitors out there in the marketplace. You already likely know about other competitors out there and it can all get a bit confusing. What this blog aims to do is make you aware about five significant differences between our Anxiety Wrap and other products out there. There are more but these are the top five:

Firstly – We have the patented acupressure leg straps, which wrap around the dogs hind legs and apply gentle pressure on these acupressure points, helping to calm your dog. Other shirts and wraps out there either don’t have these at all or they have them as a means of connecting one piece of material to another or holding the top around the legs. This is not what our patented design is for, but really to help keep your dog calmer by activating these acupressure points and helping your dog to feel calmer.

Second – The material. Our Anxiety Wrap is made from light but tough material, allowing the dog to remain at a good temperature, minimising the risk of overheating. Our wrap is also water-resistant, extremely comfortable and breathable.

Third – The Anxiety Wrap was created by a world-class dog trainer, meaning that after all of the hours and hours of research and development we now have a very well build product, which does everything we set out for it to achieve.

Fourth – The Anxiety Wrap is used by Veterinarians and Dog trainers the world over, from Europe to the U.S.A. This means that our wrap is being used by some of the worlds top doggie people day in and day out, mainly because they know how effective it is and that it really does deliver results!

Fifth – Maximum body coverage, ensuring your dog experiences comfort from legs to neck. There are many factors that help keep your dog calm with our Anxiety Wrap and the above are just a few points. To find out more visit our Anxiety Wrap website today.



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